Soccer Tennis Championship Rules & Info

Group 7 Copy


  • 4v4 - must play with 4 players
  • Games to 11 - Rally scoring(someone gets a point every time)
  • No consecutive touches per player
  • 3 total touches per side(volleyball style)
  • Once the ball hits the ground, it can not hit again on that possession
  • All serves must bounce before returning it
  • All serves are "gentleman" and must land in the serve zone
  • No touching or going over the net(point to the opposing team)


  • Carolina Futsal Center(2822 Commerce Dr, Rock Hill 297300
  • $120 per team(5 players max)
  • Turfs or sneakers are recommended
  • Pool play, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals
  • Every team is guaranteed 4 games
  • There will be a food truck on site
  • Prizes to the winners of each division
  • Bring your own coolers; no glass
  • Bring lawn chairs if you want to sit