2023 Soccer Tennis Tournament info coming soon!

Until then, check out our pick-up nights to see it in action. Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30


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Total Soccer Charlotte and Suffolk Punch Brewery are proud to announce the first annual TSC Open Soccer Tennis Tournament.

This one-day event will be held at the Indoor Tennis Courts located at 7025 Providence Square Dr, Charlotte 28266. This fast-action, high-energy 4v4 soccer tennis tournament will include group play and knock-out stages until a champion is crowned. With an players of all skill levels, come join the action and compete for the title of Soccer Tennis Champions!

Important registration Info

Whomever is registering the team must pay the total team cost of $100 at time of registration. After registration, go to your team dashboard and add/invite players to join your specific team

  • Matches are 4 v 4 (must have minimum 3 players to start)
  • Each match is best of 3 games to 11 points
  • Rally scoring (point scored on every serve)
  • Deciding 5th game must be won by 2 points
  • 3 max touches per side; 1 touch per player in a row
  • Serve must bounce within the service box, and can’t be played out of the air
  • Ball can only bounce one time per side (when receiving the serve)
  • If net is touched during play, point is given to opposing team
  • Controversial plays will result in a do-over

Tournament Details

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    What's included

    • Minimum of 4 matches
    • Tournament shirt
    • KickIt Products

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    Saturday, Dec 17th 2022

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    Providence Square Indoor Tennis Facility-7025 Providence Square Dr, Charlotte 28226. (Providence Square Shopping Center/Crest on Providence Apartments)

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    A private Charlotte FC suite for up to 20 guests and 4 parking passes for a game during the 2023 season. Food and soft drinks included 

    Plus a Kickit soccer tennis set for 4 team players

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    $100 per team

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    3:00pm - until a champion is crowned. Team schedule is TBD

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    4v4, CO-ED, up to 5 per team

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TSC OPEN Hype Video - Location and Price in the video have changed.